Brilliant specials on Chest Freezers and Ice Machines

Are you looking for a chest freezer to enhance your product lines?

Is your current chest freezer reaching its used by date?

Are you customers asking for ice in their drinks?

Do you need ice to chill sparkling wine?

Look no further!!!!  Vic Cater has great specials on Bromic Chest Freezers and Ice Machines.  The details are as follows.

Bromic Chest Freezers : Flat topped, stainless steel:

296L; 2 baskets:  $ 755.00

492L; 3 baskets:  $ 989.00

675L; 3 baskets:  $ 1165.00Bromic Chest Freezer




Bromic Chest Freezers: Flat Top, Flat Glass

296L; 4 baskets:  $ 815.00

491L; 6 baskets:  $ 1049.00

670; 8 baskets:  $ 1165.00

Bromic Ice Machines

Hollow cubersModel number                 Vic Cater’s price      
IM0025HSC $ 1,735     
IM0030HSC $ 1,750     
IM0060HSC $ 2,830      
 Solid Cubers      
IM0032SSC $ 1,775      
IM0043SSC $ 2,105     
IM0050SSC $ 2,205     
IM0065SSC $ 2,645     
IM0090SSC $ 3,130   

Contact Sarah or Kathy to order your New Chest Freezer or Ice Machine now!


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